FAQ - Frequent asked questions

Duality platform

What is Duality?

Duality e-Sports Hub is a platform that helps players and professionals from the electronic sports world meet. Team building and meeting the right people is always difficult as we have to always take several criteria into account: age, training schedules available, level within the game, country and location, etc. But relax! We are here to help you with this challenge!

What do I need to register?

You just need an email. You can register by clicking on the "join us" link and follow the walkthrough. But do not forget to fill in your profile after the first login, okay? ;)

What is the e-Sports profile and how can it help me?

The e-Sports profile is like an e-Sports resume. It is with him that you will be able to promote within the world of electronic sports. It is important that you keep your profile as complete as possible so that it helps you find your dream team.

Think of your profile as a business card. People will use it to get in touch with you and the more you complete your profile the greater the chance that other people will find you.

What are e-Sports opportunities?

Opportunities are vacancies within the e-Sports world. These vacancies may be as vague for teams as jobs in the electronic sports world, such as streamers, tournament judges, narrators, etc.

Duality tournaments

How often do Duality tournaments take place?

We have several tournaments going on periodically. You can take a look at our agenda on our home page.

Duality tournaments are made using which servers?

For most games no servers are required because we can use the game servers themselves, but for CS:GO we use our own servers configured by us in one of the best data centers in the world. Counter-Strike servers are configured at 128 tick rate.

Do duality tournaments rely on any anti-cheat?

For most games no anti-cheat is required because the games themselves do. For the case of CS:GO, we have an own anti-cheat that stays on the server side and the EAC that must be installed on the players computer. No anti-cheat is perfect and so we will always be watching and reviewing the matches in case of complaints.

How can I sign up?

Each tournament has it's own registration page. You can take a look at the tournaments section on our home page for more information on each tournament.