Terms of use

1. Overview - Welcome to Duality

Duality is a company that provides the following services: a) subscription; b) digital advertising (ads); c) rental of pre-configured servers; d) availability of servers for training teams, between teams and players; and e) creation of a Duality profile for interaction in the eSports scenario that can meet different objectives of our users (eg profile disclosure; search for a team; search for players for their team; interaction between players / teams, among others).

These Terms of Use govern the use of any service promoted by Duality. "Service" is understood as any activity or content that is promoted or granted by the company Duality, whether paid or free. The Terms of Use should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy .

You must be 18 or older in your state, territory or country to subscribe to the Duality service. Minors under the age of 18 or age of majority applicable in their country of origin may use the service only with the involvement of a parent or guardian and in accordance with these Terms of Use.

2. Acceptance of terms of use

By accessing, using or browsing the Duality platform or using our services, you accept and agree to these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with any of these documents, do not use Duality's platform and services.

3. Infractions and penalties

By accepting this term you agree to:

  • not to evade, remove, change, disable, degrade or tamper with any of Duality's content protections;
  • not to use any robot, spider, scraper or any other automated way to access any Duality service;
  • not to insert any code or product, manipulate the content of the Duality service in any way or use methods of data mining, data collection or data extraction;
  • not using any unauthorized third party programs, including, but not limited to, "mods", "hacks", "cheats", "scripts", "bots", "trainers" and programs that can alter player performance;
  • not to present toxic behaviors (examples and details in the item below);


4. Toxicity tolerance

We have ZERO tolerance for toxicity. We believe that a healthy environment is part of building a stronger community and if you don't think so, we ask that you do not use our services. By accepting this term you are committed to what we believe: "ZERO tolerance for toxic behaviors".

Toxic behaviors will be punished when identified. Depending on the level of infraction, we can use educational punitive measures and even in cases that we believe necessary to definitively punish by banning a user forever. The fact that we have zero tolerance does not mean that we will ban players for all types of behavior for eternity, but that we will punish everyone who exhibits such behavior.

The toxic behavior verified by Duality will be evaluated by our team and we will take into consideration factors such as:

  • recurrence;
  • severity of the behavior;
  • behavior status;
  • among others.

Our decision will always be sovereign and we will not go back once the decision is made.

Some examples of toxic and punishable behaviors:

  • Use of cheat or any other third party program that alters players' performance;
  • Unsuitable behaviors related to: i) establishing pejorative adjectives; ii) sexist attitudes; iii) homophobic attitudes; iv) racist attitudes; v) harassment; vi) hate speech; vii) aggressive communication that aims to attack, offend or abandon emotionally.

Some examples of punishment:

  • Permanent ban (without access to any Duality service);
  • Temporary ban (days or hours without access to any Duality service);
  • Specific ban (without access to specific Duality services);

The assessment of toxic behavior is something that in some cases can be subjective and cause differences of opinion. By agreeing to our term you accept that Duality's decisions must be executed, and if you fail to agree at some point, we ask that you notify us so that we can evolve together. If you are offended by any of our decisions, we suggest that you ask support@duality.gg for complete deletion of your data and access to our services.

Our terms of use are always evolving according to the needs identified by Duality and can be updated at any time with the focus on ensuring a better, safer and fairer environment for all parties involved.