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Connections are important from the start. Want to generate interest and stand out in the world of eSports?

Profiles on Duality are like résumés for those looking for a job. They are unique and only here you can tell the world who you really are and where you want to go in the competitive scenario.

Even if you're no longer a beginner, promoting yourself will help you get better teammates and find what you're looking for in eSports.

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Do you want to find your dream team or some unique opportunity in the world of eSports for you?

Now that you have your profile, find the perfect team to advance your journey, start practicing and evolve in the competitive scenario.

Find a team that players are aligned with their goal, level, in-game roles and training schedules.

Advertise vacancies for your team or eSports organization

Find the perfect players for your team, the perfect streamers and judges for your league, the psychologists for your org.

Now that you've advanced on your journey and already have a team or an org, use Duality to fill your open slots.

It doesn't matter if it's a vacancy for a player, streamer, judge, psychologist. Advertise on Duality!

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Come train with your team on our CS:GO server!

A server with the quality that athletes expect and deserve!

Do you already have a team and want to evolve? You have come to the right place! Duality has the best servers for team training.

Our server is dedicated, we guarantee that there are no lags at peak times as every server run on a different machine.

Get a professional level experience and train tactics, grenades, rehearse moves and call other teams to train with your's.

Organize your CS:GO Championship

Count on Duality for your Counter-Strike Championship to be a success!

Do you work with eSports, lead a community, or are you part of a company or college athletic? Want to promote your company and help community players evolve on their journeys?

All teams in your tournament will experience a championship designed for PRO players.

CS:GO servers with professional quality, page for event promotion/registration capture and assistance from experts in eSports tournaments.

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