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For championships and matchmaking we have many famous platforms that unite several players with the unique purpose of joining and playing, but none of them offers a simple and quick search system for the player that is looking for a team to play competitively, evolve with them or one team that seeks a player to complete their squad. The system is simply unique. Thanks to Duality I'm on a team and we got second place in our first championship.
Léo Ferreira "NoRev" Ferreira
Lurker at The Bulls team - CS:GO
After I started using Duality, I and my athletes were able to have a more formal curriculum, make better and more professional presentations. Besides, I was able to find players and people for technical commission in an easy, agile and practical way. With ease I can contact and evaluate the person's curriculum! And now with Duality promoting championships it has become a complete platform for those who want to advance in the eSports market ❤
Juan "DonConde" Conde
CEO at Fear Clan - LoL
I just have one thing to say about Duality, thanks for reanimation and let the scenario more "family" and less toxic. Duality gives space to new players who want to grow.
Ramon "Muse" Affonso
Player - CS:GO

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